Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 24~August 25th-31st

This past week was our 24th week of pregnancy with Jackson & Haven. It was an eventful week! It was a milestone for us. They consider 24 weeks viability for babies as survival rate goes up and complications go down with each passing week. I was also transferred to my new "home" at Presbyterian in Plano. I was at Mother Frances for almost a month and had the best care from my nurses and Dr Harris there. I was nervous about the change, from new Dr's & nurses to distance and being away from Jay, family and friends. I have really been blessed with amazing Drs. from the very beginning and am very happy and confident in our new Drs. here in Plano. Dr Koster is my perinatologist. She does ultrasounds 2 x's a week and visits me every day whether I'm needing to be seen or not. Dr. Walsh is my new ob/gyn that will deliver Haven & Jackson when they make their arrival. She is very energetic and has the sweetest personality too. She also visits me every day addressing not only myself, but Jackson & Haven too.
I had an ultrasound last Wednesday, 8/26, which showed two very healthy, growing babies. They are movers! Everything measured perfect and actually a little ahead of schedule by 5 days! They are a little above average for their gestational age, Jackson-63% and Haven-62% and weighing about 1 lb. 9 oz. each. Haven is very low and the weight of both babies puts pressure on the cervix, which is one of the reasons we are here. As they grow, more pressure is placed on the cervix which can cause it to shorten more. I also have been having contractions and uterine irritability that lead to pre-term labor. So far I've responded well to the medication they are giving to stop them. If they do come early, the NICU here will be able to take care of them.
God has truly blessed these little ones with so much love. We know we are their parents, but like all children, they are only "ours" to look after here on earth. So many people, beyond what we even know, have been praying for us and Haven & Jackson, and we know it is because of this that we have been blessed to carry and bring these babies into our lives. I am reminded by this when others refer to them as theirs, and I love that they feel so close and special to them. We are so thankful that God has given us these blessings. Just to experience pregnancy is in itself a miracle that can not be described. We pray every day for their safety and growth and that He will hold them in His arms until the day he has chosen for us to meet them. Thank you for you love and prayers!
With Love, Jay & Rebekah Haven & Jackson