Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's been too long!

Before I get started, I just want to apologize for the huge gap between this post and my last! I will do better, I promise!
A lot has changed since my last blog. We are now new residents of Fort Collins, Colorado!!! We have been praying for a while about this and relying on God to show us His plan for our lives. Within a couple of weeks Jay got a new job at Poudre Valley Hospital, we put our house in Flint on the market, we found a house in Colorado to rent, we packed and moved. It happened so fast and is really a blur now looking back. This all started with a desire to be involved in the ministry of the Fort Collins Community Church plant which was being lead by our closest friends, Chris & Randi Freeman and David & Laura Sutton. Little did we know that God would have us be this involved!
We left our home in Flint on March 15th and started the drive at 4pm. Jay and his mom, Diana were in the moving van and my cousin, Meghan, and I were in our car with Haven and Jackson. Overall it was a good trip. Haven started getting sick about half way there, but she was a trooper and we made it to our new house about 11AM on Wednesday, March 16th. Upon arriving, we were met by Chris Freeman and a big group of college kids from Wichita Falls who proceeded to help us unload our PACKED van. Less than an hour later all of our things were either our house or garage. They were lifesavers! It would have taken us several hours to unload by ourselves and at this point we were past exhausted.
It has taken us a few weeks to settle in. We have battled a little bit of sickness every week it seems. The first week we were here Haven had a double ear infection and RSV. We have all been adjusting to our new climate change, but not without our fair share of runny noses, coughs and congestion. Haven, again, was sick this past weekend with Roseola, which we didn't figure out until the rash presented itself. She is on the mend and will hopefully be well for a LONG time!!! We are so ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
We have an awesome back yard that Haven and Jackson love to play in. We set up their swings and their bikes are ready to ride all over. The owners of the house have flower beds all over and ready for planting. Some already blooming with different types of plants and tulips are starting to bloom in the front. There is also a vegetable garden which I hope to get started on soon!
Haven has been walking so good and has moved on to "almost" running. She is fearless! For example, she approaches dogs, even barking dogs, without a care in the world!
Jackson is not walking on his own yet, although we are SO CLOSE! Jay thinks he walks behind our backs=) We practice all the time. He will go back and forth between us until he is too tired. He will get there! I'm hoping he is there by this Sunday for the Easter egg hunt!
They both enjoy riding in their bike trailer behind daddy and going to the park!
We have our first service in our new location this Sunday, for Easter. Please pray for this ministry as we prepare for this. We know this is God's plan for us, but like most things, we don't know what the future holds. How can it not be amazing when God is in the middle of it! We are all very excited!
I hope everyone is having a super week! And like I said before, I will do better and try to get back on my weekly schedule!


Jennifer said...

i'm so excited for you guys.there's no doubt this was God's plan with the way every detail was worked out. hope you are enjoying Colorado. i know it's hard to be away from family, but knowing you are doing what God wants you to do makes it easier! good luck with everything. cant wait to hear all about your experience in this new ministry!

Krista said...

So glad that the move went well and that you are getting settled. My husband and I only live 40 miles from you guys and we'll actually be delivering this baby girl at PVH. Good luck as you get started at your new church. Happy Easter!

Louise said...

Grannie & Papa Battles say,
We love you very dearly! Our prayer for your lives started when you were born, Rebekah, then for the two of you when you married. Now that prayer includes Haven & Jackson. May your worship service this Easter Sunday be an honor to our Heavenly Father. I (Grannie) accepted Christ as my Savior on Easter Sunday, 1950. He has been faithful! No reason to think He will stop now, right! God bless in the plans He has for your lives. Joy to you! Grannie & Papa Battles