Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick Update & New NICU Visitation Policy

Jackson & Haven took a small step back this morning, but they are still doing very well. They were having a few more "Brady's" than they prefer, so they had to put them back on the nasal cannula. They are still breathing on their own, the cannula just puts continuous air into their nose to help them to remember to breath. A "Brady" is where they forget to breathe for a second and their heart rate drops. This is very normal for their gestational age because the part of the brain that helps them remember to breathe is not fully matured. They were doing exceptionally well to be off of the cannulas so early, but it is also very normal to have to go back to them. Unfortunately, this means they also had to separate them again. Because of the additional tubes, they need more space. Hopefully this will be a very temporary change.

Both of them have gained weight the past two days. Jackson is now at 2 lbs 11.9 oz and Haven is at 2 lbs 13.3 oz. They are both handling their feedings well and additional calories are being added to their milk, so they should start to gain pretty consistently going forward.

Effective immediately, the NICU is changing their visitation policy due to the flu season. Only parents and grandparents will be able to enter the NICU for the time being to see Jackson and Haven. Because neonates are so fragile, and a flu outbreak in the NICU could be devastating, they have decided to be very cautious. We appreciate this for the utmost protection of Jackson and Haven, but it will be difficult at the same time because we love letting others see them.

Anyone is more than welcome to swing by, we just won't be able to bring anyone back. Thanks to you that have visited already, and for those that were planning to...we are so sorry. But, we will continue to post pictures regularly. It's definately not the same, but it will have to do for now.

As always, thanks for continued prayers for all of us. Particularly be praying for Rebekah as I go back to work next Wednesday. It has been so great being back together the past two weeks, but it looks like we will be separated again during the week for the next 5-10 weeks.

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Diana said...

What a blessing Haven and Jackson have already been to us. We have long awaited their arrival. The love connection between the four of you is obvious:) I continue to wait longingly for the time I can hold my grand-babies in my arms. I know that God has them in His hands even now. Please know that I continue to pray for you, Jay, Rebekah, Haven, and Jackson that your family will be together soon!
I love you.